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John Nisbet

John was born in Girvan, Ayrshire.  He has had a continuing interest in drawing and painting since his school days. Twenty-five years ago, he joined night classes in Ayr which offered instruction in watercolour and he has progressed into acrylic and oil painting.  He has attended various life drawing tuition and one day workshops under the instruction of various artists. As well as Ayr Sketch Club, he is also a member of the local Art for Pleasure group.  It was a chance meeting with an American artist which changed the way he created art by introducing collage, mixed media and the use of inks. This has resulted in the production of a different kind of art with some success. He also takes inspiration from artists such as Romare Beardon, Solly Smook and, for landscapes, Edward Seago and Barbara Rae.  John has exhibited at The Maclaurin Galleries with Ayr Sketch Club and with Save the Children for the last ten years, The McKechnie Institute in Girvan and The Beacon in Greenock.

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