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Helen Young

Drawing and painting have been important to Helen since childhood.  She loved art at school and went on to study Graphic design at the University of Cumbria.  She lived and worked in South Africa for twelve years, where she had a successful career as a graphic designer.  Returning to the UK, she studied art as her main subject during a four year B.Ed. degree and was awarded first prize in the final year degree show. She taught in Ayrshire as a primary teacher until 2014.  Now retired, she is able to take her painting and drawing more seriously, continually developing her practice and being open to new ideas and techniques.  She works mostly in acrylics, painting landscapes and seascapes, with portraits to provide challenge and variety.  Joining the Club in 2015, she has exhibited in the annual exhibition at The Maclaurin Gallery and has also had work accepted for the following exhibitions: RGI (2016), PAI (2016-2019), North Ayrshire Open (2016-2019) and Save the Children (2017-2019).

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