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Helen Turner

Helen loves what she sees and paints what she loves.  This encapsulates her life in colour, first her designing career and then painting, which ran in tandem with designing.  A visualist, painting outside in all weather conditions, many paintings have been saved by her large fisherman’s umbrella.  She is and always will be a lover of the west coast of Scotland - the mountains, hills, islands and the sea all make for an intoxicating cocktail she cannot resist.  She has spent a lifetime basking in their splendour and hopes to continue for mainly years to come.  As a designer, she created carpets for many prestigious establishments including The Waldorf Astoria, New York Plaza, San Francisco Opera House, Turnberry Hotel and many casinos, cruise liners and hotel chains.  It was a difficult decision to give it up as she enjoyed designing so much, however time was going on, tIme to become a painter and she has never regretted it.  She has exhibited in many leading galleries in the UK and as far afield as Russia, France and Hong Kong.

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